Brief History

Feelin' Groovy, previously known as " Cool River", was formed twelve years ago after two performers from "Roezone", David and Roe, joined forces with two musicians from "The Trajix", Peter and Jean-Claude, and with Evan, a drummer from "Tramway Junction".



Emilia Pirri-Depares,  vocalist 


Emilia's vocal talent is truly outstanding.  Her interests span from country music to  great rocking songs . Her remarkable singing style and tone will leave you searching for superlatives.  Watch our video's!

Emilia has been fronting several rock n roll bands for over 20 years. She was last performing with the group Mad Cow and in March 2023, she joined Feelin' Groovy after several jamming sessions with them.




David Neideck,  keyboards,  guitar,  vocals


David has performed in duos and bands for over 30 years on piano, organ and keyboards. David loves to orchestrate and layer up sounds live on stage.

Horns, strings, synthesizers are part of his unique sound fabric.  David was keyboardist in a popular 90’s club show band. He performed with the band Roezone for several years until he was introduced to Cool River (now called Feelin' Groovy) by Roe. Alternating between keyboard and guitar, David provides harmony vocals and of course handles the technical stuff. 



Evan Ezra,  drums

Nicknamed "The Animal", Evan first started drumming from an early age and has been performing in bands since the late 60’s. Growing up listening and playing to songs of that era, Evan has a strong affinity with the music Feelin' Groovy plays. His experience has been forged playing in bands from school days, right through to now, and has been influenced by many different styles, from pop, rock, blues and heavy metal.   


Peter Hutley,  lead guitar,  vocals

Peter (a.k.a. Carlos) is one of the founding members of Cool River along with Jean- Claude. Peter picked up the guitar at 15 and has never really put it down. He has played in several bands over the years and has performed in Korea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Originally inspired by Jimi Hendrix. Peter is now happy to play country, pop and soul depending on what the band needs in that moment. 

Jean-Claude Carcaillet,  bass


A Parisian who used to play bass as a teenager with a French Rock Group “Les Turnips” until he moved to the UK to pursue a career in the transportation industry. Jean-Claude never stopped being involved in music, until he met Peter 18 years ago. Both played together from then on, with various Sydney bands (“The Trajix”, “The Repeat Offenders”, “Kinda Kinky”).  The Band calls him "the Count"..



Sheryl Scharkie, Vocalist

Sheryl has been part of the band for over a decade now. A nursing sister, she is also performing as the number one female Elvis Tribute Artist in Australia. She was endorsed in the hall of fame in 2023.